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by paradise, January 15, 2017


Paradise Packing Clearing L.L.C has offices throughout the UAE to provide you fast and effective international moving services.

Whether you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Sharja, we offer state-of-the-art moving services. Local moves are conducted by the hour to include a crew that would best fit your needs.


We also offer modern moving vans and trucks to accommodate you and your belongings. Upon speaking to our relocation specialist, we factor in distance from pick up to delivery, fuel surcharge, mileage and travel time as well as storage if required.

We travel via land, air and sea to ensure your items reach its destination safe and sound. We also offer 20″ and 40″ container to accommodate shipping requirements.

Dubai movers at Mumbai Port

Based on what you are moving, we provide you comprehensive and detailed information to enlighten you on what may best fit your specific moving needs.


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