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DP World De-Rated by Moody’s

DP World has lost its rating, announced by Moody’s Investors Services. From the debt restructuring process, DP World has continued its journey to success, however the most famous Moody Investor Services has downgraded its rating. The reason behind this rating is “Restructuring the parent company liabilities, this may has a … Continue reading

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Relocation Checklist | Prepare your checklist before leaving your living space

No Doubt! To move in a new house is a stressful process. When you are planned to a new place and you already hired a moving company then spare sometime to make a checklist. This will make your day easier than your imagination. Mailing Address Redirection: This always happens to … Continue reading

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General Method of Smuggling for Public Awareness

The smuggling in commercial vessels is not a new thing that you are reading.  Almost all water machines are used to smuggle the goods. Small Boats, Speed boats, yacht, the favorite one for smuggling is Commercial Vessels. Far beyond our imagination smugglers are so smart that they had even attempted … Continue reading

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Keep yourself safe in this summer

Due to Global warming the temperature is increasing day by day. The shinning sun with the combination of your daily activities are the recipe of problems like sun stoke and physical strain.   As summer has been started so keep yourself protected from the heat outdoor. Following are some tips, … Continue reading

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