Writing a review for  moving companies

Writing the company name and something along the lines of “They did a good/lousy job” will hardly help anyone. You need to be specific and provide useful, objective information that will give your potential readers a clear idea about what they can expect from the moving company in question.

Here are the steps to writing effective and helpful reviews of moving companies

1. Write the name of the moving company you hired for your move (make sure you spell the name correctly as many moving companies have similar names) and provide some basic information about your relocation – size of your move, pickup and delivery locations (relocation distance), time of your move (relocation date), required special services, condition of your goods upon delivery, final moving cost, etc. These facts will help readers identify the similarities and differences between your move and theirs.

2. Rate the overall performance of your chosen moving company. Evaluate your movers’ work and rate their services as excellent (5 stars), good (4 stars), average (3 stars), unsatisfactory (2 stars) or poor (1 star).
3. Tell your moving story. Think of a review subject that reflects your overall moving experience and give a detailed, but succinct account of your moving adventure (make sure you describe the events in a chronological order, so that your readers understand the situation well and get your message):
Share your first impressions – Were the movers polite and helpful? Did they readily provide you with their legal and contact information (full company name, physical address and telephone number) and agree on an on-site estimate?
A. Go over the pre-move period – Did the movers perform a thorough and professional in-house survey? Did they answer all your questions in a satisfactory way? Did they comply with your requirements and preferences? Were you provided with all the necessary documentation? Did the movers give you useful advice on how to best prepare for your move?
B. Talk about Moving day – Did your movers arrive on time? If not, did they give a reasonable explanation and apologize for the delay? How careful were they when handling your items? How fast and how hard did they work? Were they polite and well-mannered? Were there any misunderstandings or problems? Were there accidents?
C. Describe the specific services your movers provided – packing, disassembly of furniture, hoisting, etc. – and evaluate their work;
D. Tell the end of your story – Were your items delivered on time? Were there any damaged or missing items? If yes, did the company reimburse you for the loss or damage? Were there any disputes with the movers and how were they settled?
E. Last but not least – Was the final moving cost the same as (or very close to) the one in the estimate? Do you think the cost was fair? Did the movers try to overcharge you?
4. Assess your overall moving experience. Summarize your thoughts in two or three sentences to let your readers know if you’re satisfied with the way your chosen movers handled the relocation process and if you’re happy with the final results of their work. Make it clear if you’re recommending that company to other home movers or warning them to stay away from the household goods carrier in question.
5. Provide your contact information – your name and your e-mail address (required for activation purposes).
6. Attach relevant files or photos to prove the validity of your moving story (optional).
7. Go over your moving company rating review one more time to make sure all the information is correct and everything is the way you want it to be. When ready, submit your review.
Good to remember: Your moving review will be posted when you click the activation link you’re going to receive on your e-mail address.


International Relocation Dubai

International Relocation or moving to a new country isn’t a small deal. It involves numerous things such as pre-move survey, packing, freight, customs clearance and delivery combined with local expertise. With our global network, PPC International Movers ,International relocation Dubai  offer integrated international home relocation and office relocation solutions. Owing to our expertise and professional services, we ensure the secure handling of personal assets, thereby making it easier for you to relocate almost anywhere across the world.
Whether your relocation is temporary or a permanent one, we put in use the most secure and cost effective shipping and storage solutions according to your preferences. We pay keen attention to every detail starting right from the beginning to the final stage of settling in.

Best Relocation Company in Dubai

PPC international movers is well known among the best relocation companies in Dubai .PPC International Movers  air, ocean & cross border road transportation services based on the best possible logistic solution available for household goods to or from Dubai to reset of the  world. We deliver premium service through tracking every aspect of the relocation process. From specialized export packing at origin, storage of items that won’t be needed in the new location, shipping, customs clearance & delivering the shipment in the destination country to placement of the goods in the transferee’s new home, we cater to your every need for relocating across the borders.
So if you’re just moving to Australia, Europe or US ,Canada,Iran or moving back to your home ground, our comprehensive range of efficient and cost effective international relocation solutions make relocation easier than ever.


International moving companies Dubai

Moving overseas is full of opportunities for new beginnings, but it can sometimes be overwhelming. But don’t worry PPC International movers makes international moving easy and provides you with real value at a competitive price. Our experience, service, flexibility and credibility will take you nearly anywhere in the world with the confidence that everything is being expertly handled along the way.

We assign you a personal move counselor who’s available to answer questions and help you reach your destination as quickly as possible. Your single-point-of-contact will guide you through the entire process including customs and documentation, international insurance coverage options, and oversee all of the logistics associated with your move.

PPC international movers.

PPC international movers partners with best-in-class, overseas agents to ensure your goods are handled with care at a destination. As IAM a  certified mover, we evaluate our agent partners to ensure they follow IAM best quality standards to the letter.

Door-to-door international moving

Moving with PPC international movers includes:

  • Pre-move survey
  • International packing, wrapping and crating (including materials)
  • Inland transportation to port of departure and from port of arrival
  • Inventory preparation (required for customs purposes and tracking of your belongings)
  • Ocean or air freight to destination country
  • Preparation of documentation, filing of export paperwork and hands-on customs clearance
  • Delivery of shipment at new residence
  • Unpacking and debris removal


Finding Best removal company in Dubai

Each year, about 36 million people move within the United Arab Emirates—across town, across the Emirates.About a third of all moves are handled by a professional Removal company in Dubai, and the good news is, the vast majority of them help families make a stressful transition smooth and easy. In fact, consumer complaints about household goods movers fell almost 10 percent in 2016.

As the average family moves 11 times during their lifetime, consumers often do not know how to make the important decision of selecting the best moving company for their relocation. PPC international is one of the best removal company in Dubai and will make your next move very easy and satisfactory for you.

Here are your top some tips for a successful professional removals company Dubai.

  1. Check the company’s ratings with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, and ask for referrals from friends and family.
  2. Get at least three free, written in-home estimates and show the mover everything that needs to be moved, from the attic to the basement, plus any sheds, garages and storage areas
  3. Know your rights and request free publications that can help you plan your move
  4. Understand the level of liability or valuation so your possessions are properly insured.
  5.  Avoid large down payments or full payments in advance for any reason.
  6. Get all agreements in writing and get a copy of everything you sign.
  7.  Take valuables with you, including cash, coins, jewelry, photographs and important documents.
  8. Be reachable by phone during the move, and get the driver’s name, cell phone and truck number.
  9.  Ask questions, and if you aren’t satisfied by the answers, talk to another mover.



Professional Removal Company In Dubai

If you are here means you are an individual or corporate looking for hassle free moving solution for you. PPC international mover offers a full range of removal and storage service. Whether you are moving house or office, moving abroad, moving to the DUBAI UAE or moving within the DUBAI UAE,  You can find the best solutions with us. Moving is an important occasion in your life.We ensure your moving will be very organized and enjoyable as possible.  We are always making sure that we are the best independent owner-operated removal group in the DUBAI UAE, and with a passion for quality service.

Removals and storage services

We have the resources and the professionalism to cater the move to your individual needs. They offer the removal and storage services nationwide, and we can guarantee a local moving service wherever you are.

We offer removals and storage services throughout the DUBAI UAE, and with our professional team, we can always ensure a friendly, good value service that will suit your specific needs. We can also provide assistance with storage, with our network of warehouses around the country, and offer a professional packing service that will keep your belongings safe during your move.


How to Prepare Your Car for International Shipping.

Auto shipping can be a tricky part of long distance and International shipping and moving. Whether you are moving from state to state or to another country, you will inevitably be forced to decide whether or not to ship your vehicle with your other possessions.

Many men and women partner with long distance moving companies for auto shipping rather than driving it across UAE themselves or purchasing a new foreign car when they arrive overseas.

Luckily, with today’s technology and a booming auto transport industry, finding a way to ship your vehicle should be no problem. When you do find the right company for your needs, it is important that you prepare your car or truck for shipping.

The following is guide for owners who are shipping a car from one location to the other.

Wash the vehicle, both inside and out

When you are shipping a car from one place to another, it is very important that you monitor your vehicle for any damage. After all, you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on these services only to incur even more expenses to repair damage from the shipping process.

By cleaning your vehicle, it will make it easier for you to notice any damage or imperfections that might result from possible negligence on behalf of the carrier. Of course, it never hurts to send your car off to its new location looking pristine and new, either.

Go over your car, taking notes and photos

Take note of your vehicle’s current condition so that you can make an accurate determination on whether or not it was damaged during transport. Your records will only be thorough if you keep detailed notes accompanied with photos.

During this process, you should be on the look out for things like:

  • Door dings
  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Chips in the paint
  • General auto body damage

Offer these notes and photographs to the carrier so they can file it away, as well.

Empty your vehicle

You are paying for auto transport, not the transport of personal items. For this reason, you will want to empty your vehicle completely. This is a good idea for two reasons.

Shipping a car to a new location is an easy and safe process, but you can never be too careful when it comes to theft.  If you want to eliminate the potential for theft of valuable items like a cell phone, GPS or DVD player, then remove them from your vehicle. During auto transport, a number of individuals inspect your vehicle.

  • Furthermore, loading your vehicle with personal items might constitute a violation of your agreement with the moving company. When you pay for car shipping and then load your vehicle with personal items, the carrier might not feel it is their duty to move those items for you.

Make sure your car is operating properly

During the auto transport process, professionals will drive your car a little bit. It never hurts to make sure your vehicle is in perfect driving condition. This also lets you arrive at your new location knowing that your car will be ready to roll.

Some common car care tasks include:

Properly inflate your tires

  • Change your oil
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Make sure it has gas (but only a half tank)

The professionals will take care of shipping your car, but it always helps to be prepared!

What do you think?  Do you have any questions related to international shipping and moving?  The professional team of international shipping experts at PPC international movers would love to help you out!  Send us an email using the form below and we will promptly help you along in any way that we can!



PPC International Movers Dubai has offices throughout the UAE to provide you fast and effective international moving services.

One of the biggest challenges is packing and moving to various places, but PPC International movers Dubai undertake these challenges. PPC International movers is a Dubai based organization which offers professional packing services, professional moving services 214 countries throughout the Globe. We offer best services in both packaging and moving as our packers are trained & experienced in all types of packaging.PPC International movers Dubai was founded in the year 2004 wich was the first company in providing packaging and moving services in Dubai. Our main motto is that goods once packed are delivered safely without any damage and packing is done in a perfect manner. Packing is done under experts so that goods don’t get damaged when they are moved Globally.

International Movers Dubai.

PPC International Movers is the one stop solution for your all Moves, rather you are looking for home relocation or you are looking for moving your corporate office within the country or internationally. Our well-mannered staff with the healthy packing experience provide every customer the perfect level of satisfaction regarding their moves. If you are looking for stress-free relocation, packing, and storage services then Paradise relocation is the best choice for you. 24/7 our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move. Just Dial + 97143306718 or send us your query on

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