Cargo from Dubai to Iran

Cargo from Dubai to Iran: Shipping from Dubai to Iran can be a little stressful as is anytime someone wants to make a change and move to another country. When someone decides to make this kind of change it is an important one. This is something that should definitely be a discussion for the whole family and make sure that it is the right thing to do. So, PPC International Movers is best to relocate from Dubai to Iran.

Most people when taking this important step is doing it for one of two reasons. You’re either moving to start a new life because you have retired from work or you are going to a new place because the work is better. Cargo from Dubai to Iran is something you will need to check into a head of time. You will want to look into some companies that will be able to ship some of your items to Iran for you. The best thing to do is ask friends and family who they have used before or who they think would be good. Always get a couple of quotes from each company then compare their rates and go from there. Here are a few ideas for you.

You can further get a pick up arranged for the cargo after booking the shipment and get an online cargo tracking no. to trace the parcel online. With the help of the parcel tracking system, you can check the advancement of your air cargo

Iranian ports are located in two regions :

1. Caspian Sea Ports at North

The activities of “The Caspian Sea” ports are mostly concentrated in exchange for goods with Russia and C.I.S.; as well as handling of transit shipments. Other ports at the Caspian Sea mainly engaged in the handling of tankers, small crafts, and fishing boats.

2. Ports in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman

Southern Iranian Ports can accommodate all types of seaborne trade, from dry to containerized to wet cargoes.

Lesser Volume

If you have lesser volume like 2 CBM or up to 12 CBM, we offer you an LCL service which will be sharing the container to reduce the cost from Dubai port to the port of destination.

20’ Container

But if your shipment is more than 12 CBM and less than 28 CBM, then it is better to go for a 20’container

40’ & 40’ HC Container

But if your goods are more than 30 CBM then you can plan a 40’ container which can carry up to 55 CBM. Also, we have high cube equipment which can carry up to 65 CBM.


In order to prepare the Export Declaration at Dubai customs, we would need your passport copy including UAE Visa page, Destination address, and the packing list.

Transit Time

The transit time vary from place to place, however, we have the best network with liners who has the minimum transit time to most destinations. You may check with our team for your shipping and transit time

Pre-move survey

A pre-move survey can be organized absolutely free of cost with no obligation. This will surely help you to plan your budget or re-think about what goods are to be moved on what to be kept behind. Once the survey is over our team will give an International moving quote based on the volume and your location

Packing & Wrapping

Once you have confirmed your move on the date of packing our packing team will come in the morning and pack all your belongings one by one and prepare a packing list.

Shipping & Handling

We will schedule the nearest date of shipping and load your shipment from Dubai port all the relevant documentation shall be executed by our team.

Clearing and delivery

The ETA will be declared and our destination agent will organize a pre-clearance and prepare the import.

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Home relocation services Abu Dhabi

At first, the home relocation process can look rather scary for you – besides being overly expensive, the mere thought of trusting complete strangers with your valuable possessions will probably send shivers down your spine.

Add the arduous task of packing up your home for a move, and you’ll quickly learn why moving to another home is often considered to be one of life’s most stressful events.

The Best Tips for Home Moving

You need to remember that home relocation is the most time-consuming task in your packing checklist, so you’d better pay attention to some good tips for home moving quickly. You don’t want to greet Moving days with dozens of boxes still to pack, do you?

  • Start packing immediately after you know you’re moving for sure.
  • Have the necessary packing materials ready.
  • Get rid of all unnecessary items prior to packing.
  • Do not pack items that are forbidden for transportation.
  • Where to start packing? Start packing from the rooms you use the least frequently such as storage areas – your garage, basement, attic, garden shed, etc.
  • Adhere to your packing timeline as strictly as you can.
  • One of the best packing tips for a quick move? It’s better to pack a little every day (effective!) than to try to pack up your entire home in one giant effort (impossible!).

Pack safely when moving home

Safety is a big concern during the packing process – after all, the idea is to make sure your valuable possessions remain well-protected during the relocation trip. As far as safety goes, the best tips for home moving are:

  • Always double tape the bottoms of cardboard boxes, even if they are brand new.
  • Don’t skimp on packing supplies when packing fragile items – wrap them up in several sheets of Bubble wrap and use plenty of padding materials to immobilize them in the boxes.
  • Do not make boxes heavier than you can handle them – that’s especially true when packing books for moving. The reasonable weight limit is about 20 pounds per box.
  • If you own any speciality items that require professional packing skills, do not hesitate to contact experienced moving experts. Otherwise, you will be risking not only the well-being of your belongings but your own safety as well.


International Cargo Service

PPC International Movers is an International Cargo Service provider company offering multi-services to meet its customer needs. Customers around the world rely on our expertise to manage their day to day international shipping needs. With a history spanning over 12 years in the industry, we have evolved from a traditional cargo services providers to an international Cargo services provider to our customers spread over more than 200 countries around the world.

Sea Cargo

Our wide range of network with many of the world’s leading ocean carriers covering key trades to/from Middle East, Asia, USA, Europe and Africa enable us to offer the best deals for your cargoes. Shipments can be loaded into containers for shipment, either as FCL (Full Container Loads) or LCL (Less than Container Loads) for secure delivery. Our consolidation services offer an economical option for smaller loads.

Full Container Load (FCL)

If a Customer has goods to accommodate in one full container load, we suggest him to book an FCL (Full Container Load) to stuff his cargo. In an FCL cargo, the complete goods in the said container own by one shipper. In an FCL owned by one shipper, the cargo in the container need not have fully loaded cargo in the container. Let the cargo be half loaded or quarter loaded container, if booked by one shipper under one shipment, the said shipment is called FCL shipment.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

If a shipper does not have enough goods to accommodate in one full container, he can book cargo with a consolidator to console his goods along with goods from other shippers. This type of shipment is called LCL shipment.

Air Cargo

As a pioneer in the Air cargo industry, we provide innovative Air cargo solutions for our customers. Our air cargo product encompasses a complete range of advanced, high-quality services provided globally. Our experience in scheduling and clearance procedures combined with our network of offices and selection of premium airfreight carriers affords maximum presence with optimum connections thus enabling our customers to save time and money.


Land Cargo

PPC International Movers has set high-quality standards for direct deliveries with-in the entire middle-east region. Our company has a dedicated trucking terminal in Dubai with one of the largest fully owned fleet with modern equipment and capable of in-house mechanical maintenance services.

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