International movers from UAE to CANADA

September 24, 2019 by paradise0international cargo service

International movers from UAE to CANADA

Canada is situated in north part of America. Canada is second largest country one of the strong economies in the world. It is famous for its beauty, tourism and business. Canada is also famous for highest educates population and 5th nation of happiest people in the world.

Canada has strong economy and flexible business strategies to enhance progress of country and magnify trade and commerce. Canada also sign agreement to participate in EXPO 2020 one of the biggest events conducted UAE.


UAE and Canada also have strong ties and robust relationship for trade and commerce.

Now when it comes to business, export and import, every country has its own rule regulations and legislation. Each country has different laws. Although Canada is sharing border with America but its follow different customs and laws. You have to follow troublesome and hectic process for import i-e custom clearance, documentation, packaging and shipment etc. it is time and energy consuming process.

When you are running a business or planning to relocate your office and home, intending to expand your business and exporting your product. While thinking about the process involved making you tired. In this case no need to worry PPC Dubai International movers are at your service, providing you best package and most efficient services.

Dubai MoversDubai Movers


PPC Dubai movers are providing you all the privileges you want on your door steps


Efficient staff: –

Professional and well-trained staff.

Experienced in packaging and shipping.

Skilled in using modern technology.

Best transport system in the region.

Services: –


High mark packing material used.

Proper protection of all items from environmental effect.

Water proofing to protect from moisture.

Wrapping of individual item to protect from physical contact of items.

Proper cushioning will be done to secure from mechanical shock.

Pellets sheet wrapping will be done to prevent breakage of fragile items.


Most effective transport system, quick and robust. Easy approach and effective delivery system.

Overseas Transport:

Extensive transport access to all the big cites. PPC international Dubai movers are connected to the airports of all cites in Canada for air cargo delivery system. For sea cargo shipment PPC Dubai International movers have ingress to all major ports in Canada for the arrangement of Sea cargo delivery system.


PPC international movers


PPC international movers


Documentation: –

There are four documents which you must include with every shipment when exporting goods into Canada:

  • Canada Customs Invoice, or a Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Manifest or Cargo Control Document
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration


Advantages of selecting PPC Dubai international movers: –

PPC international Dubai movers are providing you most flexible shipping requirements. Its cost economical and time saving. Packaging will be done in supervision of owner to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Pre-delivery survey: –

Pre-packaging delivery will be done by professional and experienced team of PPC Dubai international movers to prepare quotation for final packing and preparing for shipment.

The advantage of pre-packaging survey is to give you cost estimation and second review to select the most crucial items and to remove the items of less importance from your list according to your budget. Pre-packaged survey is entirely free of charges and without any obligations and unnecessary requirements.

So, enjoy your trip, import export to expand your business or relocation of your home or office across the sea, just enjoy the bounties and grab new opportunities. Leave the tension and hustle of packaging, shipment, transport and delivery on PPC Dubai international movers.

We are at your service since a decade to ensure your happiness and comfort.


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