Dubai Removal Company

PPC INTERNATIONAL MOVERS   is one of the most trusted Dubai removals companies and is run by a dedicated Team in Dubai.

When looking for Dubai removal companies it is imperative to ensure your move is planned well in advance, here are some tips you may find useful:

  • Dispose of unwanted items.
  • Book your moving company as soon as possible, removal companies in Dubai can become very busy therefore it is important you give as much notice as possible to ensure their availability.
  • Cancel or transfer any newspaper subscriptions.
  • Prior to the moving day pack a box with all your important/critical items and carry this with you. This may include passports, legal documents, valuables etc.
  • Notify people of your change in address:
    • Bank
    • Friends and family
    • Schools
    • Doctors
  • Cancel your electricity, water, telephone services, and satellite/cable TV.
  • Prior to the move in the day try and ensure the electricity and water are connected.
  • Pre‐arrange handyman services.


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