International shipment from UAE to Germany

International shipment for UAE to Germany

PPC International Movers

Germany is a Western European country with rivers, mountain ranges and forests, and North Sea beaches. Berlin,the capital. And is home to art and nightlife scenes, the Brandenburg Gate and many sites.


However UAE and German relations are of strategic importance. Therefore Germany is Europe’s largest and most industrialized country. In addition it is an essential economic and trade partner with vital industrial sectors such as energy in the UAE.


UAE’s largest European trading partner is Germany. And accounts for nearly 22 percent of all trade between Arab world and Berlin.

When it comes to business,in addition to import and export, every country have its own rules and regulations. In addition each state has different laws. You have to follow lengthy and hectic processes.  For import and export that is custom clearance, documentation, packaging and shipment etc. In addition it is time and energy-consuming process.

PPC Dubai International movers are at your service, providing you the best package and most efficient services.

Services of PPC international movers:

Staff: –

Well-trained staff in addition with highest level of customer satisfaction.

Professional and Experienced.

Transport:  –

High tech transport system with trained staff assistance.

Dubai to UK International Movers

Packing and Packing material: –

Good quality packing material to be used to provide maximum protection. In addition each item will be packed individually to prevent loss and reduce friction.However fragile and delicate items packed separately.

Shipping: –

A wide range of services are provided. However you can ship number of items without any hesitation.

  • Cars and Motorcycles
  • Full Moves
  • Furniture
  • Households or house relocation
  • Office items
  • Precious Goods, Antiques, Paintings
  • Classic Vehicles
  • Oversize Vehicles, RVs, Boats, etc.


Advantages of selecting PPC International Movers: –

Quick and effective.

Easy documentation.

Quick transport system.


Experienced staff and robust transport system.

Services at your doorstep.

Cheap and economical.

Types of shipments: –

There are two types of shipments available

PPC international shipment via Air from UAE to Germany: –

PPC international movers have easy access to all big cities’ airports. And in addition transport is at the doorstep.

PPC international shipment via Sea From UAE to Germany: –

PPC International Movers also provide extended transport system through sea. In addition we have access to all major ports.

Pre-move Survey: –

The pre-move survey will be done by our professionals in conclusion to provide final quote and second review chance to the owner .However enable the owner to decide the final transport according to the cost.

  Queries and concerns

In case of further assistance don’t hesitate to contact on: +97143301667 or +971507941287

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