International Shipment from UAE to USA

International Shipment from UAE to USA

USA is one of the strong economical and popular developed country all over the world. American expats comprising large population of United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to demographic survey they are about 49,9950 in number . Because of their increased number they usually move around for business and relocation purposes. In this regards they need the services of PPC International mover for International shipment form UAE to USA.

This population includes potential businessman. And also include well reputed exporters, travelers and employees of big companies. They are living with their families enjoying the bounties of live and culture of UAE. They are frequently using the services of PPC international movers for International shipping from UAE to USA. Because they are from different walks of life. Enjoying success of their business and spikes of careers.They are playing important role in progress of UAE. They are fond of travelling and trying new places either for accommodation or for business purposes.

Their excitement can be turn into nightmare when it comes to moving the goods, packaging and shipment. This can be a huddle in the path of success and fulfilling their dreams.

So, the concern is how to get rid of all the shipping challenges and troublesome process? However here you got your answers. And yes definitely one of the most professional and well reputed company PPC International movers provides you International shipment form UAE to USA.

PPC International movers is taking the responsibility of your international shipment. So you can enjoy excited and joyful moments of life. We will take care of all your worries that interrupt your pleasant business deal or international trip. Because PPC International movers are providing cost economic and hustle free international shipping from UAE to USA.

Types of shipments

International shipment From UAE to USA via Sea cargo

International shipment From UAE to USA via Air cargo

PPC International movers

International shipment From UAE to USA via Air cargo


Services: –

We are providing you best shipping services that include:

Professional staff

Highly trained staff.

Professional and with technical skills.

Experienced in the field of packing.

Safe handling.

Packing Material

We are using High quality packing material.

Styrofoam pellet used to protect the products from strong movements.

Corrugated paper wrapping material used to secure figurines and fragile items.

To prevent scratches and contact of items with each other we are providing proper cushioning.

Packaging techniques

Each item is packed individually by skilled team of PPC international movers.

Proper wrapping according to the nature of each item, products will be prepared for shipment to large containers. Proper segregation of fragile and valuable items.

Labeling will be done for proper identification.

After packaging lamination wrapping will be done to protect the goods from environmental effect such as rain etc., moreover it also prevents loss and theft.

Packaging will be done under the supervision of owner for complete satisfaction of our client.


Easy documentation.

  • List of all items
  • Proper address of shipping destination
  • Valid UAE residency document
  • Contact details for UK

To make ready for delivery departure from UAE for export declaration, passport of owner with UAE visa page and ample address of receiver’s end point required.

Last survey

Pre-packaged goods to be present to our team for final confirmation and to provide cost estimation. Its free of charges and without any requirement. It will provide chance to the Owner for second review of the item to export and the items to left behind. This survey is cost effective for owner also to review their decision.

Online Tracking system

Online tracking for system is available to locate

Cost effective and well organized.

Coverage provided for International shipment from UAE to USA

We have  coverage in USA in all big cities and popular places. We have extended delivery system to different airport in USA. Easy delivery system from door-to-door.

PPC international movers also have access to almost all the all famous ports for sea cargo shipment.

Just travel and expand your business without taking stress of packaging, delivery and shipments. PPC Dubai International movers are at your service for International shipment from UAE to USA.

Queries and concerns

In case of further assistance don’t hesitate to contact on: +97143301667 or +971507941287

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