International Shipping from Dubai to Dominica

Are you planning for an International Shipping from Dubai to Dominica? Are you looking for the best international shipping company in Dubai, UAE for your international shipping to Dominica? PPC International movers is a leading international shipping company in Dubai, UAE. We provide the best international shipping services for small and large businesses. Office relocation services within the country and throughout the world from Dubai, UAE. Home relocate and removal services within Dubai, UAE and worldwide.

PPC International Movers also provide door to door shipping services, door to port and port to door shipping services, Air Shipping services, Ocean Shipping services, full container shipping services, half container shipping services and customized shipping services from Dubai to worldwide. Shipping to Dominica from Dubai, UAE is our best destination. People from Dubai and Dominica trust our international shipping services from Dubai to Dominica.

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How PPC International Movers can help for moving to Dominica

PPC International Movers skilled and expertly prepared shipping pros will help you at all times international shipping to Dominica. Before you begin, get familiar with the entirety of our offered dispatching administrations and alternatives to figure out what best addresses your issues:

  • Your moving timetable: When do you should be in Dominica? Would it be a good idea for you to deliver your merchandise by means of air or ocean shipping?
  • Your land plans: Will you lease or purchasing a home?
  • Your delicate things: Do you require pressing or custom crating administrations?
  • Your family/family unit size: Are you moving alone or with family? For business or individual reasons?
  • Your cubic feet gauge: How huge is your shipment?

The amount Does a Move to Dominica Cost?

Cost is consistently a significant factor when arranging you’re abroad shipping. Start by booking a home review with PPC International Movers to get a gauge to transport your products to Dominica. One of our prepared shipping masters will visit your home to survey your possessions and decide the cubic film of your shipment. You will at that point get a free statement for the universal shipping administrations you need!

At last, the expense of your international shipping to Dominica will fluctuate dependent on the cubic film of your shipment, your favoured strategy for delivery (air versus ocean cargo) the administrations you require, (for example, pressing and custom crating), and numerous different components.

About Dominica

The Dominican Republic, the nation of the West Indies that possesses the eastern 66% of Hispaniola, the second-biggest island of the Greater Antilles chain in the Caribbean Sea. Haiti, additionally an autonomous republic, possesses the western third of the island. The Dominican Republic’s shores are washed by the Caribbean toward the south and the Atlantic Ocean toward the north.

Between the eastern tip of the island and Puerto Rico streams the Mona Passage, a channel around 80 miles (130 km) wide. The Turks and Caicos Islands are found around 90 miles (145 km) toward the north, and Colombia lies around 300 miles (500 km) toward the south. The republic’s zone, which incorporates such adjoining islands as Saona, Beata, and Catalina, is about a large portion of the size of Portugal. The public capital is Santo Domingo, on the southern coast.

The Dominican Republic shares a lot of practice speaking with the nations of Latin America (with which it is frequently assembled), and a few essayists have alluded to the nation as a microcosm of that area. Dominicans have encountered a political and common issue, ethnic strains, trade situated wins and fails, and extensive stretches of the military guideline, including a Haitian occupation (1822–44), the severe autocracy of Rafael Trujillo (1930–61), and military mediations by the United States (1916–24 and 1965–66). Nonetheless, the country’s inconveniences have failed to measure up with those of neighbouring Haiti. The two nations have for quite some time been vital due to their nearness to the United States and their situations on significant ocean courses prompting the Caribbean and the Panama Canal.

Dominica Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details


Import regulations:

Free import:
a. for passengers aged 18 years and older:
– tobacco products: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars;
– alcoholic beverages: 1 litre of spirits over 22% volume or wine;
b. articles for personal use and household effects.
Prohibited: Bananas, coconuts, plants and straw materials, citrus, coffee, avocado fruits/plants/soil. For more information on restrictions/prohibitions: contact the Division of Agriculture, Botanical Gardens, Roseau.

Export regulations:

Prohibited: – Protected wildlife and endangered species, – Firearms and ammunitions without a prior export permit obtained from the commissioner of Police.


Cats and dogs may only be imported if coming from Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Ireland (Rep.), Jamaica, New Zealand, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, USA and United Kingdom. Required is a Veterinary Health Certificate from the country of origin; an import permit to be obtained from the Veterinary Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Botanical Gardens, Roseau, Dominica.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

Baggage is cleared at the airport of final destination in Dominica, where all baggage will be liable to be checked by customs.
Exempt: baggage of transit passengers with a destination outside Dominica.


Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Eastern Caribbean Dollar-XCD) and foreign currencies: unlimited.

Currency Export regulations:

RESIDENTS: when travelling for touristic or social purposes: up to XCD 3,000.- per person. Max. 2x per year; if travelling for business purposes: up to XCD 1,000.- per person per day of stay, to a max. of XCD 30,000.- per year.
NON-RESIDENTS: local and foreign currencies: up to the amount imported. If holding credit card: up to XCD 2,500.-. Currency in excess of limit requires proof of conversion. Or equivalent in other freely convertible currency.

Airport Tax

Embarkation Tax: is levied on all passengers when leaving Dominica:
– nationals of Dominica: USD 17.- or XCD 45.-;
– all other nationals: USD 21.- or XCD 55.-.
Place of payment: Airport of departure in Dominica.
1. Transit passengers continuing their journey on the same day;
2. Aircrew travelling on duty;
3. Children under 12 years of age.

Feel free to contact PPC International Movers and Dubai Movers 24/7, our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move (International Shipping from Dubai to Dominica). Just Dial + 97143306717 or send us your query on

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