International Shipping from Dubai to Ecuador

Are you planning for an International Shipping from Dubai to Ecuador? Are you looking for an International Shipping Company in Dubai, UAE for your international shipping to Ecuador? International relocation isn’t easy to process. You need a lot of research work and planning for your international shipping. PPC International Movers is a leading shipping company in Dubai. People from Dubai and Ecuador trust on our international shipping services, because our professional international shipping expert team help with every single step of your international move to Ecuador.

We at PPC International Movers provide the best international shipping services to Ecuador from Dubai, UAE. Including door to door shipping services, door to port and port to door shipping services, Air Shipping and Ocean Shipping services, full container and half container shipping services, customized container shipping services for small and large businesses according to their needs.

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How PPC International Movers can help for moving to Ecuador

To start, one amongst our trained shipping specialists can offer one-on-one consultation with you, totally outlining your shipping choices (Air & Ocean Cargo) supported sure criteria, such as:

  • Your shipping timeline. once does one got to be in Ecuador?
  • Your land plans. can you be dealings or buying?
  • Your family/household size. can you be moving alone or together with your family? For business or personal reasons?
  • Cubic feet estimate. however giant is your shipment?

What Will shipping to Ecuador Cost?

For the foremost correct estimate of your total shipping size, you ought to schedule an in-home survey as early as the potential for your shipping to Ecuador.
Don’t wait till the last potential moment, contact PPC International Movers nowadays. you will not regret the choice.
After we have a tendency to hear from you, our shipping specialists can assess your belongings to administer you the simplest estimate potential to expedite your relocation.

The cost of shipping to Ecuador can vary significantly supported the boxlike footage of your belongings ANd your projected destination point thus it’s extraordinarily vital that you just work with an agent in order that they will offer you the foremost correct quote.

Ready to begin budgeting for your international shipping?

Give PPC International Movers a decision, and do not forget to raise regarding our overseas packing and custom crating services, too!

About Ecuador

Ecuador, the nation of northwestern South America. Ecuador is perhaps the most naturally different nations on the planet, and it has contributed outstandingly to the ecological sciences. The principal logical campaign to gauge the boundary of the Earth, driven by Charles-Marie de La Condamine of France, was situated in Ecuador; and examination in Ecuador by the prestigious naturalist’s Alexander von Humboldt of Prussia and Charles Darwin of England set up fundamental hypotheses of present-day topography, environment, and transformative science. Ecuador has a rich social legacy. A lot of what is presently Ecuador came to be remembered for the Inca domain, the biggest political unit of pre-Columbian America.

Financially, Ecuador got known for trading Panama caps (straw caps so named in light of the fact that they were transported to Panama during the eighteenth century and purchased by voyaging gold searchers and on the grounds that they were worn by Panama Canal workgroups in the mid-nineteenth century) and agrarian items, outstandingly cacao (the wellspring of cocoa beans), bananas, and blossoms. It is a significant exporter of oil and an undeniably significant vacationer location.

Its set of experiences has been set apart by political and financial difficulties, including significant stretches of the military guideline, win and-fail monetary cycles and discriminatory dispersions of abundance. Ecuador is bizarre among Latin American nations in having two significant focuses of populace and business, the lively port city of Guayaquil going about as a balance to the capital, Quito, situated in the Andean good countries in the north-focal piece of the nation.

Customs Regulations for Ecuador:


  • Passport (needs to be notarized for all family members, notary’s address must be included for verification purposes)
  • Migration Certificate (issued by Migration Police once Customer arrives at destination)
  • Work visa or temporary work visa (valid for six months only)
  • Work contract (notarized, approved by the Public Ministry of Labor)
  • Bill of Lading (original) or Air Waybill (passport number included)
  • Inventory list and a packing list (in Spanish, must contain contents of all boxes in shipment and be notarized in Customer’s country of origin)
  • Transportation Insurance Policy


  • All Customers must be present at the time of Customs clearance in Ecuador to sign all necessary documentation
  • All shipments subject to inspection upon arrival
  • Customer should be in Ecuador at least two weeks prior to the arrival of their shipment
    • Shipments that arrive before a Customer are subject to duties and taxes
    • Shipments must arrive within 60 days after Customer’s arrival
  • Non-declared items located during the inspection will be deemed illegal and the Customer subject to arrest
  • All household goods and personal effects must be inspected in the Customer’s country of origin before departing for Ecuador
    • Shipments that do not comply with this order before departure are subject to re-embarkation and will be returned to their country of origin


In Ecuador, some articles may not be imported in a Customer’s baggage whatsoever. These items include, but may not be limited to:

  • Controlled substances and narcotics
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and cigars
  • Pornography, including obscene publications, video and software
  • Weapons, swords, firearms (including air guns) and ammunition
  • Food, spices and live plants
  • Rugs
  • Appliances that use R12-R15 and R502 refrigerants
  • All cleaning products
  • Creams, cologne, perfume and cosmetics


Some articles may have restricted quantities or require special authorization/ payments of duties and taxes to clear customs in Ecuador. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical items and appliances
  • Art, antiques, religious materials, icons


In Ecuador, the following rules apply to import motor vehicles:

  • Foreign citizens with non-immigrant visas are prohibited from importing vehicles into Ecuador
  • Returning citizens may import vehicles (limited to one duty-free import) if they have been abroad for at least three years
    • The vehicle cannot be more than four-years-old
    • Must be shipped in household goods container
  • Diplomats can import used or new vehicles after approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For importation, you will need the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Vehicle title (original)
  • Vehicle registration (original)
  • Import permit (approved in Ecuador before shipment)
  • Purchase invoice (original, notarized by Ecuadorian Consulate in the country of origin before arrival)
  • Bill of Lading (original)
  • Circulation Permit


When importing a pet to Ecuador, up to three pets are permitted, including dogs, cats and birds with the accompanying:

  • Certificate of vaccination informing Customs that animal has had all vaccinations (including rabies) at least 30 days before arrival
  • Health certificate (signed and dated by a veterinarian no more than 10 days before landing in Ecuador)
  • When travelling with Customer, pets must be cleared at Customs as baggage
    • Must be presented with an International Health Certificate at Customs
    • Pets arriving as baggage must spend one night in Customs before clearance is permitted


  • Shipments imported by foreigners and immigrants are duty-free if Customer has Non-Immigrant Work Visa (valid for at least one year) or an Immigrant Visa
  • Only one shipment per customer is allowed to be imported duty-free, all other shipments are subject to import taxes and duties
  • One of each item is allowed to be imported (including appliances), all other items subject to tax and duty
  • Each family member is allowed to transport 200 kilos of clothing, shoes and personal accessories (any amount over is considered dutiable)
  • New items past a certain valuation are subject to duties

Feel free to contact PPC International Movers and Dubai Movers 24/7, our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move (International Shipping from Dubai to Ecuador). Just Dial + 97143306717 or send us your query on

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