International Shipping from Dubai to Gabon

Are you planning for an International Shipping from Dubai to Gabon? Are you looking for the best professional shipping company in Dubai, UAE? PPC International Movers is a leading shipping company in Dubai which provides shipping services to Gabon from Dubai. As shipping from one destination to another destination within the country or internationally to Gabon requires lots of research and pre-planning. Sometimes you need to prepare documents and clear custom duties, but with a professional international shipping company like PPC International Movers, you don’t need to do anything.

We provide door to door shipping services, door to port and port to door shipping services, packing material for shipping goods according to their nature (Wood, Glass, Automobile etc.), within-country or local shipping services, international shipping services to worldwide, full container shipping services to Gabon, half container shipping services to Gabon, customized size container shipping services to Gabon, office relocation services to Gabon, house relocate services to Gabon, home removal services to Gabon, air and ocean freight to Gabon and warehouse for storage of your goods in Dubai, UAE.

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How PPC International Movers can help for Shipping to Gabon

At PPC International Movers, our shipping experts will be there to help you consistently ship to Gabon. Before you begin, study the entirety of our offered transporting administrations and alternatives to figure out what best addresses your issues:

  • Your shipping timetable: When do you should be in Gabon? Would it be advisable for you to dispatch your merchandise through the air or ocean cargo?
  • Your land plans: Will you lease or purchasing a home?
  • Your delicate things: Do you require pressing or custom crating administrations?
  • Your family/family size: Are you moving alone or with family? For business or individual reasons?
  • Your cubic feet gauge: How enormous is your shipment?

The amount Does a Move to Gabon Cost?

Cost is a significant deciding component when arranging international shipping. Calendar a home review with us to get the most exact gauge to send your merchandise to Gabon. One of our prepared moving authorities will visit your home to evaluate your things and decide the cubic film of your shipment. You will at that point get a free statement to deliver your products and be given the administrations you require.

The expense of your transition to Gabon will change dependent on the cubic film of your shipment, the technique for delivery (air versus ocean cargo) the administrations you require (pressing and custom crating), and numerous different variables.

To begin, round out our simple statement structure and start arranging your transition to Gabon today!

About Gabon

Gabon, formally the Gabonese Republic, is a nation on the west shore of Central Africa. Situated on the equator, Gabon is lined by Equatorial Guinea toward the northwest, Cameroon toward the north, the Republic of the Congo on the east and south, and the Gulf of Guinea toward the west. It has a territory of almost 270,000 square kilometres (100,000 sq mi) and its populace is assessed at 2.1 million individuals. Its capital and biggest city are Libreville. The authority language is French.

Since its autonomy from France in 1960, the sovereign territory of Gabon has had three presidents. In the mid-1990s, Gabon presented a multi-party framework and another majority rule constitution that took into consideration a more straightforward appointive cycle and changed numerous administrative establishments.

Plentiful oil and unfamiliar private speculation have helped make Gabon quite possibly the most prosperous nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the seventh most elevated HDI and the fourth-most noteworthy GDP per capita (PPP) (after Mauritius, Equatorial Guinea and Seychelles) in the area. Gross domestic product developed by over 6% every year from 2010 to 2012. Notwithstanding, due to an imbalance in pay dispersion, a huge extent of the populace stays poor.

Gabon Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details


Import regulations:

Free import by persons of 17 years of age or older of:
– 400 cigarettes or cigarillos or 125 cigars or 5000 grams of tobacco.
– 3 litre of wine or 1 litre of liquor;
– max. 500 grams of jewellery;
– personal effects.

Arms and Ammunition regulations:

Arms and ammunition require a license to be obtained from the Home Ministry, Libreville. The application should be made 3 months before departure.

Wild Fauna and Flora:

The import of certain endangered species of plant, live animals and their products is prohibited or restricted under CITES.

Additional Information on regulations:

A phytosanitary certificate is required for plant species.


Rabies vaccination certificate or a veterinary certificate from the country of origin (issued less than 3 days before departure); dogs and cats less than 3 months old are exempt from such certificates.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

Baggage is cleared at the first airport of entry in Gabon.


Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (CFA Franc-XAF) and foreign currencies: no restrictions if declared on arrival.

Currency Export regulations:

– Tourist trips: local currency (CFA Franc-XAF) and foreign currencies: up to XAF 200,000.- or equivalent.
– Business trips: local currency or foreign currencies: XAF 25,000.- per day with a maximum of XAF 500,000.-, or equivalent.
– Local currency and foreign currencies: up to XAF 200,000.- or equivalent, or up to the amounts imported and declared.

Airport Tax

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.

Feel free to contact PPC International Movers and Dubai Movers 24/7, our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move (International Shipping from Dubai to Gabon). Just Dial + 97143306717 or send us your query on

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