International Shipping from Dubai to Germany

Are you planning for an International Shipping from Dubai to Germany? Are you looking for the best professional shipping company in Dubai, UAE? PPC International Movers is a leading shipping company in Dubai which provides shipping services to Germany from Dubai. As shipping from one destination to another destination within the country or internationally to Germany requires lots of research and pre-planning. Sometimes you need to prepare documents and clear custom duties, but with a professional international shipping company like PPC International Movers, you don’t need to do anything.

We provide door to door shipping services, door to port and port to door shipping services, packing material for shipping goods according to their nature (Wood, Glass, Automobile etc.), within-country or local shipping services, international shipping services to worldwide, full container shipping services to Germany, half container shipping services to Germany, customized size container shipping services to Germany, office relocation services to Germany, house relocate services to Germany, home removal services to Germany, air and ocean freight to Germany and warehouse for storage of your goods in Dubai, UAE.

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How PPC International Movers can help for shipping to Germany

At PPC International Movers, we have practical experience in family delivery, including dispatching belongings and family products, pressing administrations and fare crating, and globally transporting vehicles and boats. Regardless of whether you’re leaving UAE for Germany or from Germany to Dubai, UAE, you can depend on us to deal with everything easily and expertly, from start to finish.

When arranging your transition to Germany, you’re probably going to experience a mind-boggling number of alternatives. In a particularly serious industry, it’s difficult to separate one movement organization from another. When making your waitlist, watch that the organization is enlisted with an industry body, for example, the FMC Federal Maritime Commission or IAM International Association of Movers. You ought to likewise think about any close to home suggestions and online tributes. When you’re down to a couple of alternatives, talk by and by to each organization on the telephone and pose the vital inquiries about your turn, for example, what occurs if something turns out badly, if a separated statement can be given and who your place of contact will be. In case you’re not content with the appropriate responses, pick another organization.

Another significant inquiry is whether you should enlist a global movement organization. This inquiry to a great extent relies upon how long you have and costs, as worldwide trucking organizations ordinarily deal with any potential issue that may emerge which is ideal for time-lashed ex-taps – however perhaps not for strict spending plans. How, at that point, do you conclude which is the best worldwide trucking organization and migration choice for you?

At PPC International Movers, we utilize our insight and experience to assist you with migrating the globe easily. As a worldwide trucking organization, we staff our group with authorized, fortified, protected and prepared moving experts and can guarantee your transition to Germany is as smooth as anyone might imagine, from house to house. With our all day, everyday client assistance and shipment following capacities, you can relax your assets are in acceptable hands.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Household Goods?

Cost is a significant deciding component when arranging an abroad move. Timetable In-home study with us to get the most exact gauge to deliver your products to Germany. One of our prepared moving experts will visit your home to survey your things and decide the cubic film of your shipment. You will at that point get a free statement to send your products and be given the administrations you require.

The expense of moving to Germany will fluctuate dependent on the cubic film of your shipment, the strategy for transportation administrations we offer (air versus ocean cargo) the administrations you require (pressing and custom crating), and numerous different elements.

About Germany

A nation since quite a while ago connected with fearlessness and rich history, Germany has an appeal that envelops nature, expressions, culture and cooking.

The Western European country is abounding with various globally acclaimed symphonies, theatres, show corridors, galleries and displays. Germany likewise flaunts numerous wonderful characteristic attractions, particularly in the Alpine district, including lakes, mountains, parks, and cascades. It has its own unmistakable and scrumptious food, the best lagers and wines, and is known for its strong leads in the realm of soccer and different games.

Germany is the seventh-biggest nation by territory in Europe and the 62nd biggest on the planet. It shares land borders with Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland. The nation flaunts the world’s fourth-biggest economy by ostensible GDP and the fifth-biggest by buying power equality. Germany is the second biggest exporter and third-biggest shipper of products.

Custom Regulations for Germany:



  • Copy of Passport (the page showing photo)
  • Copy of Visa and/or Work Permit (for foreign citizens only)
    • Foreign citizens must obtain a Work Permit (Arberterlaubnis) issued by the local employment office
    • Residence Visa (not needed for German nationals) or Residence Permit (granted only after a Work Permit has been issued)
  • Inventory (original) in German or English, valued, dated and signed by the customer
  • The signed declaration, stating the imported goods are the owner’s personal effects
  • The signed declaration, stating the imported goods are not subject to any Customs restrictions (e.g. drugs, weapons, etc.)
  • A signed declaration that no taxable high-value goods (such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, guns, etc.) are in shipment. Such goods must be listed separately and will be taxed.
  • Statement of Transfer from employer (in German if possible)- should state the shipper was an employee for the company abroad, how long he/she has lived in this country, and how long he/she will remain an employee of the company in Germany
  • Certificate of Registration with the German police (“Polizeiliche Anmeldung”)
  • Certificate of Registration (Anmeldebestaetigung) from the local registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt)
  • German nationals need a declaration from the German Embassy or Consulate confirming their length of stay abroad and the exact destination address in Germany. Without this document, shipment will not clear Customs.
  • German Customs Form 0350 (Zollantrag) in triplicate, stating goods will not be sold for one year
  • Health Certificate may be required
  • Copy of Insurance Certificate
  • Customs clearance Power of Attorney Form authorizing Destination Agent to act on behalf of the customer in liaison with Customs
  • Foreign diplomats need a Certificate from the Embassy or Consulate


  • Used household goods are duty-free if the customer has resided at least one year abroad if the goods were owned by the customer over six months and will not be sold for a minimum of one year
  • Goods should be imported within one year of the customer taking up residence; if not, reasons are needed for the delay – maximum of three years
  • Inheritance items:
    • Death Certificate
    • “Erbschein” or an official document which certifies the customer has inherited the items from the deceased and states the relationship between them
  • Wedding Trousseaux
    • Marriage Certificate
    • If household goods are imported before the marriage, proof the marriage will take place within two months is required


  • Explosives
  • Ammunition
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Any protected animal or species, dried plant or items of historical significance (ivory, snakeskin, leopard fur, pre-Columbian items, etc.)
  • Pornographic material
  • Certain types of meat
  • Absinthe, methyl alcohol and pure alcohol
  • Radioactive material
  • Wine, grape juice and other various foodstuffs and consumer goods in large quantity


  • New items, less than six months old (invoice required)
  • Alcohol
    • Inventory must detail the exact number and size of bottles, exact alcoholic strength in per cent, and value of each bottle
  • Tobacco, tea, coffee
  • Toilet waters, perfumes
  • Foodstuffs in large quantities (do not recommend shipping with household goods)
  • Electronic items such as computers, videos, stereos, etc. (must show serial number and have purchase invoice)
    • Duplicate appliances or electrical equipment may be assessed high duties
  • Guns require a Certificate of Registration, the valid passport of the owner, proof of ownership, and a gun license for importation
    • Duty-free if the firearm has been owned for at least six months prior to importing
    • Guns must be easily accessible
    • Must apply for a German Ownership Permit
    • List as last items on the inventory, indicate model, calibre and serial number
  • Live plants (need special Import Permit)


  • Admitted duty-free if the customer has lived abroad for over one year, has owned and used the auto for a minimum of six months, if brought in for personal use with household goods and will not be sold for one year
  • Cars must be inspected before licensing, comply with German technical and environmental regulations and require modifications
  • It is highly recommended that the customer informs the Destination Agent of all auto details prior to importing.
  • Documents required:
    • Proof of ownership
    • Car documents
    • German driver’s license
    • Owner’s passport
    • Owner’s police registration in Germany (polizieliche Anmeldebestatigung)
    • Insurance record from the country of origin
    • Third-party liability insurance that begins with customs clearance
    • Declaration of customer that no high-value goods are in the car
    • Origin Registration and copy of the title
    • Commercial invoice if the vehicle is new


  • Dogs, cats and canaries are permitted with a Health Certificate (in German or with a translation) issued by a licensed veterinarian describing the animal and stating that the pet is free from rabies and contagious diseases
  • Health Certificate is valid ten days from the date in which it was issued (20 days for pets coming from non-European countries)
  • All endangered species and exotic animals are prohibited

Feel free to contact PPC International Movers and Dubai Movers 24/7, our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move (International Shipping from Dubai to Germany). Just Dial + 97143306717 or send us your query on

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