International shipping from Dubai to UK

International shipping from Dubai to UK

Moving from one country to another is such an exciting and joyful event of life. Its either for travelling, shopping, business or looking for better opportunities. It seems like big dreams coming true. And PPC international movers are one step ahead in fulfilling your dreams in International shipping from Dubai to UK. 

When it comes to UK than the its overjoyed, turning point of once life. Big opportunities with big rewards, success, innovation and betterment is waiting for you. Where is life is waiting for you colors are smiling on you. Sky is showing its color , days are brighter with full energy and nights are as colorful as rainbow.

This is all about the joy, excitement, and craze of moving to another country. This is only possible when it is hustle free packing and shipment. Everyone is saying its only happens in fairy tails, you have to move your valuables, delicate, fragile stuff, important documents. Then it will become a worst nightmare when you fear of theft , loss , breakage and more over time consuming packing.But same concern rises if there is any solution?

Now everyone wants to know the solution for shipping for UK. So, your prayers have been answered and this trouble has been tackled by big and most popular shipping company.

And that’s PPC international movers.

Best movers for International shipping from Dubai to UK

PPC international movers are most popular and trustworthy movers, when it comes to international shipment. PPC international movers has waste experience in providing international shipping services with high tech profile.

Providing you highly experienced staff with professional skills.

Equipped with technical knowledge.

Safe handling

Time saving

Customer satisfaction


Easy and hustle free documentation.

  • List of your inventory items
  • Complete address of receiver’s destination
  • Valid UAE residency proof
  • Contact details for UK

To prepare for delivery exit from UAE for export declaration, passport of exporter with UAE visa page and complete address of receiver’s destination required.

 Packaging skills and packaging material

Effectively trained staff with proper equipment to handle all items professionally and with great care.

High quality packaging material to be used to protect and secure all the items from shock and environmental effects. PPC international movers are using Styrofoam pellets to deal with figurines and fragile items. Proper cushioning to prevent scratches and contact of items with each other. Corrugated paper will be use to wrap items.

After effective packing of all items labeling will be done for proper identification of items

Online Tracking system

PPC international movers Online tracking for system to prevent theft and loss.

Cost effective and well organized.

Type of shipment available for International shipping from Dubai to UK

PPC international movers are providing two different efficient fast and speedy shipment modes.

International shipping from Dubai to UK  by PPC international movers via Air shipment 

 International shipping from Dubai to UK PPC international movers via Sea shipment

PPC movers have wide range of cargo delivery services in big and famous cities all over the UK and Europe. As far Sea cargo we have coverage for waste area and extended delivery for all ports.


Types of cargo for International shipping from Dubai to UK

Consolidated shipment: – for cost effectiveness and time saving number of items grouped together.

large Container shipment 20’, 40’ and 40’ High Cube

To accommodate all the goods in one container, PPC international movers have facility of FCL (Full Container Load) cargo. In full container load all the goods belong to single owner.

Confirmatory survey

Pre-moving confirmatory survey will be with free of cost without any obligations. This will allow you to allocate your financial resources and cross checking for final items to be moved. After the completion of survey PPC international movers’ team will give you final quotation and take your approval f0r final shipment

 Final Packaging

After confirmation of exporter experienced team of PPC international movers will pack your goods effectively for final shipment and labelled them accurately for identification. Our team trained for professional packing according to international standards.

Clearing and delivery for International shipping from Dubai to UK

The ETA will be declared, and our destination agent will organize a pre-clearance and prepare the import.

After declaration of ETA and destination our agent will organize pre-clearance and make arrangements for import.

So, enjoy hustle free shipment with PPC international movers where customer satisfaction is top priority. Just enjoy your life, expand your business move around the world. Your shipping responsibility is on PPC international movers.

Queries and concerns

In case of further assistance don’t hesitate to contact on: +97143301667 or +971507941287

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