International Shipping from UAE to Pakistan

International Shipping from UAE to Pakistan

Pakistanis are the second largest national group in the UAE. After Indians, Pakistani community constituting 12.5% of the country’s total population. They are the third largest Overseas Pakistan community, after KSA and UK. That’s why they frequently move from place to place and country to country. They need the services of PPC International mover for International shipping from UAE to Pakistan.

Pakistani expats play important role in boosting the economy of UAE. And have great impact on remittance of country. Pakistani expats  are also famous in business community. They are running big businesses in UAE. Although you can run a successful business only if you have strong backup and supporting network. Because you need time to manage all the activities. Either in term of import,export, house or office relocation, space requirements etc.

So if you are worried about all these thing its mean you are wasting your productive time. Because PPC International movers is there to solve your problem. PPC International movers is providing you all the services related to packing, storage, transportation and international shipment. So PPC International movers are making your life easy and joyful.

PPC international Movers Services:

PPC International movers providing you exceptional services on your door step.



Delivery channel


Pre-move survey

A reliable quote


Customs guidance



International shipping via Air cargo from UAE to Pakistan:

PPC International movers has extended delivery system and vast area of coverage. PPC international movers provide you delivery and transportation in all major cities at your door step.

International shipping via Sea cargo from UAE to Pakistan: –


PPC international movers possesses access to major ports to provide quick delivery system to their customers.

Staff: –

Highly trained staff.

Professional and well manned.

Equipped with technical knowledge.

Packing: –

Packing will be done by professionally trained staff.We are using high quality packing material ensure maximum protection. Delicate and fragile items packed separately to prevent contact and breakage. Cushioning will be done to reduce chance of fiction, tear and damage while transportation.

Lamination will be done to protect the items. In order to prevent from mechanical shock and environmental damage that is light,humidity and moisture.

Labeling: – 

Labeling is done for proper recognition of all items and also to prevent loss and damage of products.

Delivery and transport: –

Delivery and transport will be done by the expert team of PPC international movers to ensure maximum safety.

Pre-move survey: – 

An expert and professional team of PPC international movers will visit you. This visit will be paid before deliver in order to confirm the final delivery .They will provide you quote according to the size of delivery package. This also give the chance to the owner for second review of all items. However this is to confirm which one should be on top priority and which one to leave behind. This will be free of cost and without any charges.

Advantages of selecting PPC international movers: –

Professional staff.

Quick and effective services.

Proper tracking of shipment.

Proper packing , storage, shipping and delivery.

Easy documentation.

PPC International Dubai mover is providing you great opportunity to expand your business and export with most popular mover in Dubai. Provide you complete support for easy documentation.

Economic and time saving send deliveries. Reducing the tensions and worries of hectic process and time involved.

Making it easy and convenient to relocate your office and home.

Queries and concerns

In case of further queries and concern don’t hesitate to contact PPC Dubai International movers on: +97143301667 or +971507941287

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