Shipping Car From Dubai to USA

Shipping Car from Dubai to USA

Shipping Car From Dubai to USA

 Shipping Car From Dubai to the USA

Shipping and relocate a car from Dubai, UAE to the USA is now very easy. PPC International Movers Provide Car shipping from the United Arab Emirates to the United States. Shipping of a Car from Dubai to the USA is now our responsibility. You can import your car from Dubai to the USA with complete secure way. We provide air cargo shipping services, SEE cargo shipping services, Road card go shipping services across the globe. Import a car in the USA from UAE. We provide our international cargo relocate services to our national and international clients from the different corner of the World.

PPC International Mover is a well known moving company in Dubai, UAE. That is providing shipping services from all few years. Sine 2010 we are relocating cars from Dubai, UAE to the USA. We have a team of professionals who work as a proof shipping company. Our team is a highly trained team of professionals working in Dubai. We provide A to Z services of Shipping from Dubai to the USA.

Checklist for Dubai to US Vehicle Import

  • US government define a standard for import of a vehicle. Which can be Determine by checking your vehicle’s eligibility for import to the US, or you can determine the need to modify the vehicle to meet US government eligibility standards. Click this –> (if your nonconforming vehicle is eligible for modification and import)
  • After confirmation of eligibility standards for import now check File form HS-7 and form 3520-1 or contract with a DOT-registered importer to modify the vehicle and certify that it conforms to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Emissions Standards
  • Now its time to understand the costs of importing a vehicle from Dubai, UAE to the USA, including Freight and insurance charges when shipping your vehicle, Wharf, transport, storage and delivery charges after your vehicle arrives, Duties, taxes and fees, including the gas-guzzler tax, Cleaning the undercarriage of foreign soil, Registration and insurance requirements in the relevant US state or territory, Other charges such as import processing, customs brokers’, and logistics service provider charges.
  • Select an international car import company and preferred shipping method to transport your vehicle from Dubai to the United States
  • Determine your vehicle’s departure and destination ports
  • Confirm the vehicle’s undercarriage is clean and free of foreign soil
    If you wish to register your vehicle for road use in the United States, your vehicle should bear the International Registration Marker or, if you are a US resident, you will need to register your vehicle with the DMV in your state of residence
More information on the process of importing a vehicle to the United States can be found here.

Determining the Eligibility of Your Vehicle for Import from UAE to the United States

As you engage in the vehicle import process, some of the most important questions to consider include:

Whether you are a US citizen, military or civilian employee of the US government, or a nonresident,

  • Whether you plan to permanently keep the car in the US or if it’s just a temporary move,
  • Whether the car was manufactured to comply with all applicable FMVSS, and, if not, whether it is a nonconforming motor vehicle eligible for shipment,
  • Whether your vehicle was manufactured after September 1, 1978, and
  • Whether your vehicle is the model year 1987 or later.
  • Whether your vehicle can be registered in your State.

These questions and more will determine the costs to import the vehicle to the US, whether your car is eligible for import to the United States, and finally, whether you will need to go through additional steps to make your vehicle eligible for import. In some cases, such as temporary import for racing or other purposes, the usual standards may not apply. PPC International Movers can help you through the process of determining what will be required to import your vehicle.

Conforming vs. Nonconforming Vehicles

Generally, if a vehicle already meets the requirements for import to the United States, it is because that model was originally designed for export and sale in the United States, or was manufactured in the United States for domestic sale. As such, nonconforming vehicles are required to be modified to meet all applicable FMVSS and EPA emissions standards.

Things to Consider

  • Vehicles more than 21 years old with their original engines may qualify for an EPA exemption.
  • Vehicles more than 25 years old may qualify for DOT.
  • All other vehicles must be made for the U.S. market and EPA/DOT compliant.
  • The undercarriage of your car will need to be clean and free of foreign soil. Therefore, you will need to have the exterior of your vehicle steam-sprayed or otherwise thoroughly cleaned before import to the United States.

If your vehicle conforms to these standards, it will bear a manufacturer’s label on the engine compartment attesting to its compliance to emissions standards in English, as well as a certification label near the driver’s side door confirming that it complies to safety, bumper and theft prevention standards. You will need to complete EPA form 3520-1 and DOT form HS-7 attesting to your vehicle’s compliance. Additionally, you will need the shipper’s or carrier’s original bill of lading, bill of sale, foreign registration, and other documents covering the vehicle, to be provided to your Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) inspector.

If your vehicle is nonconforming, it may still be eligible for import with modifications by a DOT-registered importer, who modifies the vehicle and certifies that it conforms to all applicable FMVSS and emissions standards. Additionally, the importer must post a bond equivalent to one and a half times the dutiable value of the vehicle (in addition to the normal CBP entry bond). A copy of the bond must be provided with the HS-7 form. The same is applicable for EPA, the list is here: EPA Independent Commercial Importers.

A nonconforming car may be shipped from Dubai to the United States under certain conditions, such as re-importing a previously exported vehicle, shipping a vehicle for personal use not exceeding one year, shipping a vehicle as a member of foreign armed forces, diplomatic personnel, or other exceptions authorized by the US State Department, bringing a vehicle into the country for testing, demonstration, or competition, or other special circumstances. PPC International Movers can help you identify if your vehicle falls into one of these categories to Import Car from Dubai to the USA. Relocate car from Dubai to USA.

Dubai, UAE to US Car Import Costs & Time Frame

Using a baseline of a compact car being imported using the roll-on/roll-off method from the Port of Dubai to the Port of Los Angeles, our estimate to Import Car from Dubai to the USA starts at a cost of $2,000 USD with an estimated turnaround time of 20 – 35 days.

However, the cost to import a car to the United States can vary according to factors such as the model and make of your vehicle, your current location, the nearest departure port in Dubai, your shipping method of choice, availability of your chosen services and your final destination. Additionally, you’ll need to consider costs such as storage, cleaning, other vendor fees, and American taxes & duties. Relocate car from Dubai to USA

Duties are levied by Customs and Border Patrol before your vehicle is delivered; if you are staying in the United States and the vehicle is imported concurrently with your arrival in the country, you are permitted to import a car for up to 12 months without having to pay duties.

Taxes & Duties for Importing Cars to the United States

Generally, foreign-made vehicles imported for personal use or sale are dutiable at the following rates:

  • Auto: 2.5%
  • Trucks: 25%
  • Motorcycles: free or 2.4%

Duty rates are based on the price paid or payable, and most Canadian-manufactured vehicles are duty-free. If you are a resident of the United States returning to the country from travel, work, or study abroad, you may apply your $800 CBP exemption, and those of accompanying family members, towards the value of the vehicle under the following circumstances:

  • The vehicle accompanies you on your return
  • You’ve imported the vehicle for personal use

To obtain an estimate of the cost to import a car from Dubai, UAE to the United States, Feel free to Contact us 24/7 our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move. Just Dial + 97143306718 or send us your query on

Shipping Car From Dubai to USA

Our highly trained staff will visit your location and collect all the required information about shipping. After the collection of cargo moving, they will visit you again with packing material and pack your Car and other shipping material so that they reached their destination safely. We packed each Material which has to be shipped; Like in this case if you want to relocate your Car Our staff will Pack your car in such away. So that car safe from all kind of damages and reached safely at its destination. Relocate car from Dubai to USA.

PPC International Movers provide both SEE and Air relocating services for Car from Dubai to Any city of USA. We already almost delivered 200+ cars from different cities of UAE to different cities of USA. All the shipped cargo reached safely and move according to the planes and it was discussed at the time of meeting with clients. Our Shipping Services are the best and cheapest services in UAE from 2010 to now. We are known due to our professional behaviour. Our one hundred team members are always ready to pick up your cars from your location to our location and then we will move it toward seaports or airports. So you are very close to Shipping Car From Dubai to USA.

Feel free to Contact us 24/7 our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move. Just Dial + 97143306718 or send us your query on

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