Shipping from Dubai to Bangladesh

Shipping from Dubai to Bangladesh

Shipping from Dubai to Bangladesh: Are you planning to Ship from Dubai to Bangladesh? We are a professional shipping and relocation service provider in Dubai, UAE. PPC International Movers provide air shipping, sea shipping and land shipping services from Dubai to worldwide. Also, provide full container, half container services for small business and large business. PPC International mover is the best shipping company in Dubai, UAE. Shipping from one location to another location is time taking and painful process but with our highly trained and professional expert team of logistic removal for home relocation, office removals and business product moving services.

Bangladesh is one of the best destinations from Dubai for PPC International Movers. We have professional clients for shipping from Dubai to Bangladesh from 2013, over 2,000 satisfied professional clients. Our company will handle everything on behalf of you. We provide door to door shipping services, door to port and port to door services, door to airport and airport to door services, port to port shipping services, the airport to airport shipping services, household and office goods packing services, also provide shipping packing material. Our expert team analyze everything pack goods according to their natures.

PPC International Movers provide shipping services with the motive of the broadly relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Most areas of Bangladesh are with highly standard livings and relatively with low crime rates are suitable cities for living in Bangladesh. May you already plan or planning to move Bangladesh and now looking to trustworthy partner for Shipping from Dubai to Bangladesh. PPC International Movers is the only shipping company that individual people and companies prefer to hire for their relocation consignments.

Feel free to contact PPC International Movers and Dubai Movers 24/7, our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move (Shipping from Dubai to Bangladesh). Just Dial + 97143306718 or send us your query on

How PPC International Mover can help with Shipping to Bangladesh

At PPC International Movers we offer Shipping from Dubai to Bangladesh, we are experienced with the family units, house goods especially glass items and other thin products, furniture beds, couches, refrigerators, car shipping to Bangladesh, Motorbike Shipping to Bangladesh. Our team take care of every little thing that is required to be ship we will tackle with it with full care and responsibility. No matter if you are planning to ship from Dubai to Bangladesh or from Bangladesh to Dubai, UAE. You can completely depend upon PPC International Movers as your shipping partner. We will deal with everything in a professional way from start to finish your shipping journey.

Our expert team will deal with documents and customs clearance on both ends of the ports. Professional International shipping company will arrange a pre-survey to your pickup location and analyze the goods needed to be ship and give you estimated quotes for your shipping. Our agent will provide you with information on the estimated Cubic meter length, required documents, estimated cost of your shipment and the estimated time of shipping to Bangladesh.

  • Your moving timeline: once does one got to be in Bangladesh? must you ship your merchandise via air or ocean freight?
  • Your realty plans: can you be rental or shopping for a home?
  • Your fragile things: does one need packing or custom crating services
  • Your family/household size: area unit you moving alone or with family? For business or personal reasons?
  • Your solid feet estimate: however massive is your shipment?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Household Goods?

Cost is the main factor when you plan to move internationally from one destination to another destination. Arrange a pre-survey and meeting with us for estimated cost estimation. Our agent will visit you and measure the cubic meters of the goods that you want to ship to Bangladesh from Dubai. Our expert will prepare a complete estimation and provide you with a free quote for your shipping to Bangladesh. Cost of a shipment change will the cubic meters and way of shipping. We offer the following shipping ways (Air Shipping Services and Sea Shipping Services to Bangladesh).

About Bangladesh

Bangladesh, formally the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is a nation in South Asia. It is the eighth-most crowded nation on the planet, with a populace surpassing 162 million individuals. As far as landmass, Bangladesh positions 92nd, traversing 148,460 square kilometres (57,320 sq mi), making it one of the most thickly populated nations on the planet. Bangladesh shares land outskirts with India toward the west, north, and east, Myanmar toward the southeast, and the Bay of Bengal toward the south. It is barely isolated from Nepal and Bhutan by the Siliguri Corridor, and from China by Sikkim, in the north, separately. Dhaka, the capital and biggest city, is the country’s monetary, political, and social centre point. Chittagong, the biggest seaport, is the second-biggest city.

Bangladesh shapes the bigger and eastern piece of the Bengal district. As per the antiquated Indian writings, Rāmāyana and Mahābhārata, the Vanga Kingdom, one of the namesakes of the Bengal area, was a solid maritime partner of the unbelievable Ayodhya.[citation needed] In the old and traditional times of the Indian subcontinent, the region was home to numerous realms, including the Pundra, Gangaridai, Gauda, Samatata, and Harikela. It was additionally a Mauryan area under the rule of Ashoka. The territories were eminent for their abroad exchange, contacts with the Roman world, the fare of fine muslin and silk to the Middle East, and spreading of theory and workmanship to Southeast Asia.

The Pala Empire, the Chandra administration, and the Sena tradition were the last pre-Islamic Bengali centre realms. Islam was presented during the Pala Empire, through exchange with the Abbāsid Caliphate, however following the early triumph of Bakhtiyar Khalji and the resulting foundation of the Delhi Sultanate and proclaiming of Shah Jalāl in East Bengal, the dependably spread over the locale. In 1576, the affluent Bengal Sultanate was consumed into the Mughal Empire, yet its standard was quickly hindered by the Suri Empire. Following the demise of Emperor Aurangzeb in the mid-1700s, proto-industrialized Mughal Bengal turned into a semi-autonomous state under the Nawabs of Bengal. The district was later vanquished by the British East India Company at the Battle of Plassey in 1757.

The fringes of current Bangladesh were set up with the segment of Bengal in August 1947 at the hour of a segment of India, when the area turned out to be East Pakistan as a piece of the recently framed Dominion of Pakistan.[18] Later the ascent of a supportive of vote based system development blossomed with Bengali patriotism and self-assurance, prompting the Liberation War and ultimately brought about the rise of Bangladesh as a sovereign and autonomous country in 1971.

Bangladesh’s Economy

Bangladesh’s mind-boggling dependence on cultivation has since a long time back added to periodic joblessness among common farmworkers, similarly concerning an overall low desire for regular daily existence in various zones. To check this abnormality, a methodology of industrialization was grasped during the 20th century. During the hour of Pakistani association (1947–71), the need was given to adventures reliant on indigenous rough materials, for instance, jute, cotton, conceal, and skins.

The standard of free undertaking in the private part was recognized, subject to explicit conditions, including the public obligation regarding utilities. The advanced plan furthermore expected to develop the formation of buyer items as quickly as possible to keep up vital good ways from dependence on imports.

The Pakistani association set up new sorts of self-administering endeavours to oversee present-day new development, force, water and sewerage the board, the headway of forest area organizations, and road transportation. In 1972, in any case, the organization of the new, free Bangladesh realized socialist methodologies, nationalizing these associations and working up a couple of new associations to manage the nationalized adventures.

Surged change, joined with the newness of that put obligation regarding the organizations, made wide interferences, and current creation nearly halted. In 1973 the organization pushed a five-year improvement plan (the first of a movement of such plans that have guided the country’s economy into the 21st century). The methodology of nationalization was little by little changed and was replaced by a 19-point program proclaimed in 1979 that complemented more noticeable benefit and efficiency. With the ultimate objective to help private theory, the organization similarly returned many state-guaranteed endeavours to the private fragment.

Bangladesh Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details


Import regulations:

Visitors: Free import of:
1. 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 1/2 pound of tobacco;
2. For non-muslim visitors:
– if coming for touristic purposes: 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages;
– if coming for other purposes: 1 bottle of alcoholic beverages;
3. perfume and eau de toilette up to a 1/2 pint;
4. gift articles up to the value of BDT 500.- per person.
Not applicable to children accompanying their parents.
Prohibited: firearms.

Export regulations:

Free export of local handicraft and souvenirs for non-commercial purposes up to the value of BDT 3,000.-.


Must be accompanied by a veterinary health certificate and an import permit.
Pets may enter as passenger’s checked baggage, in the cabin or as cargo.

Baggage Clearance regulations:

Baggage is cleared at the first airport of entry in Bangladesh.


Currency Import regulations:

1. Residents:
a. Local currency (Bangladesh Taka-BDT): up to BDT 100.-.
b. Foreign currencies: no limit.
2. Non Residents:
a. Local currency: up to BDT 100.-.
b. Foreign currencies: no limit. Amounts over USD 5,000.- (or equivalent) must be declared.

Currency Export regulations:

1. Residents:
a. Local currency (Bangladesh Taka-BDT): up to BDT 100.-.
b. Foreign currencies: up to USD 25.- or equivalent. Higher amounts must be endorsed on the passport by Bangladesh Bank/Authorized Dealers in foreign exchange.
2. Non Residents:
a. Local currency: up to BDT 100.-.
b. Foreign currencies: up to USD 150.- or equivalent. Higher amounts if declared on arrival.

Airport Tax

Embarkation Tax is levied on all passengers departing from Bangladesh. Fee: BDT 300.-.
Place of payment: at ticket issuance or at the airport of departure.

Our Services for Bangladesh

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Feel free to contact PPC International Movers and Dubai Movers 24/7, our staff is ready to assist you regarding your move (Shipping from Dubai to Bangladesh). Just Dial + 97143306718 or send us your query on

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