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Shipping from Dubai to France


PPC International movers provide Shipping from Dubai to France services from two decades. PPC INTERNATIONAL MOVERS have been in the forefront of freight forwarding activity, customs clearance, freight brokerage and removals Industry in the United Arab Emirates. PPC International Movers, a single window for all your logistics needs, with vast network Worldwide, provides its customers Air and Sea freight forwarding services, Warehousing Services. We handle the packing and forwarding (Sea/Air/Road) of commercial shipments, personal effects & household shipments of many Corporate as well as individual clientele

Different shipping options

Assuming you have some belongings that you’d like to bring, you need to choose between two shipping options: sea or air. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Air freight is the quicker of the two, but it is also considerably more expensive. It’s good for last-minute moves but we don’t advise it if you’ve got time to spare.
  • Sea freight is slower, but it also comes at a much lower cost. If you’re planning your move well enough in advance, we recommend that you choose ocean shipping. Shipping containers come in two sizes (20ft and 40ft) depending on the amount of stuff you want to take with you. There’s also the option to use only a portion of a container (called Less Than Container Load, or LCL). Your shipping supplier can help you with all these decisions.


Major shipping routes

The most common way for a shipping container to reach France is via the Port of Le Havre, which is situated on France’s northern coastline and is the country’s second largest port. It’s a massive operation and it can deal with the world’s biggest container ships. Once your container is on the dry land of Le Havre, it will travel 200 km by truck or train to Paris. However, it’s also possible that your container will travel by ship all the way to the Port of Paris, France’s most major inbound port. Either way, your container should arrive safe and sound at your new Parisian home.


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